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This catalogue provides information about the current undergraduate and postgraduate modules. You can search for a particular module below or browse and filter the full catalogue.

Modules by Academic Schools

AbLE Academy

Various development opportunities such as PgCAP, Quick Start, AbLE Workshops, Learning and Teaching project funding, and conferences, along with innovative microcredentials.

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School of Applied Sciences

A unique blend of scientific knowledge and practical applications including engineering, food sciences, sport and exercise science, health sciences, psychology, and forensic sciences.

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School of Business, Law and Social Sciences

A unique blend of academic and vocational programs from the fields of Sociology, Accounting, Business and Management, Criminology and Policing, and Law.

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School of Design and Informatics

A vibrant hub for cutting-edge research and education, encompassing diverse subjects such as Games Technology and Mathematics, Cybersecurity, and Games and Arts.

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